Tasting Notes


APRIL 2015 – Out Of Step IPA, 5.8%.  Big, citrusy, lemony India Pale Ale.  An explosion of delicious flavours in one perfect pint.

Oddity 1 – Honey Cream Ale, 4.4%. A hybrid ale fermented on an ale yeast and conditioned on a lager yeast.  Dry, crisp and refreshing with a hint of tangerine sweetness from the local Haughton Honey.


Outlandish Pale, 3.9%. Our zany best selling pale bitter.  It’s light, hoppy and sharp and it’s crisp, clean finish will set your tastebuds tingling.

Kooky Gold, 4.1%. An easy drinking, lightly hopped, golden session ale.  It’s the sort of beer that the word ‘quaffable’ was meant for.

Odd Ball Red, 4.2%. A more malty offering with a spicy edge from the Columbus hops.

Disfunctional Functional IPA, 4.8%. A big hoppy, fruity IPA with not too crazy an ABV.  A ‘special’ in late 2014 which became so popular it crossed over to the ‘core’ beers.


Baby Belgian, 8.0%. A bit of an experiment, didn’t quite hit it’s abv hence it became known as the ‘baby’ Belgian.  Dark, dubbel style and aged in a whisky cask.  Might get made again one day.

Bohemian Antipodean Pale, 4.3%. A blend of Australian and New Zealand hops make for an exciting, flavour packed ale.

Crazy Christmas, 4.2%. Started off as a porter recipe and we added a load of spices to make a sort of Christmas pudding/mince pie in a glass type finish.

Crewe Live 2012, 4.1%. A special made for the Crewe music event – an extra hoppy version of Kooky Gold.

Dotty DIPA, 7.2%. She only gets made occasionally but Dotty has a bit of a cult following.  A huge, massively hopped double IPA, it may blow your head off. #WeLoveDotty

Far Out Stout. Whisky cask aged Out Of The Ordinary Stout.  Rich and mellow with those peaty, whisky notes.

Freaky Streaky Smoky Mild, 4.0%. A dark, smoky mild made for Mild May 2014.

Grateful Deaf India Brown Ale.  A collaboration with Ken Fisher for his Grateful Deaf brand, this was a brown hoppy number with an experimental hop.

Hinkey Herkulean Hopper,  4.3% abv.  A SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer with pale malt show casing the German Herkules hop.  Moderate bitterness, a hint of black pepper and a nose full of melons!  Special in March 2015.

Jumping Juniper Rye, 5.2%. A one-off beer made with Rob from BlackJack Brewery in 2014. Dark malts including crystal rye and the addition of juniper berries gave this a bitter finish.

Off Kilter Porter, 4.2%. Dark with pepper additions to pep it up.  Delicious one for the dark beer drinkers.  Appears annually.

Off The Rails Chocolate Stout, 4.3% abv.  A rich, smooth chocolate stout with a sweet finish.  Made with Crewe’s roller derby team, the Railtown Locorollers.

Out Of The Ordinary Stout, 6.5%.  A big roasty malt stout that then gets put into whisky casks to ages and become Far Out Stout.

Out Of Step IPA, 5.8%.  Big, citrusy, lemony India Pale Ale.  An explosion of delicious flavours in one perfect pint.

Quirky Kiwi NZ Pale, 4.6%. Packed with the uniquely flavoured hops from New Zealand, this is one popular beer!

Raspberry Way Out Wheat, 4.5%.  A raspberry twist on our Way Out Wheat.  No longer in production.

Scrum-ptious, 4.4%. Orignally made for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, 2011, we’re overhauling this recipe to bring it back in time for the Six Nations and again for the Rugby World Cup.  Expect a sucker punch of hoppy flavours from a load of Amarillo and Chinook in this amber ale.

Silly Saison Spiced Pumpkin, 3.8%. Two versions of this spiced pumpkin beer existed in 2013, first made for Halloween and then the rest aged and left until December as a Christmas beer.

Something Peculiar South Pacific Pale, 5.0%. A collaboration in 2014 with Gazza from Hopcraft. Unsurprisingly a big hop bomb with lots of New Zealand and Australian hops.  Big, bold and very tasty.

Souper Lemony Creweton, 4.0%. A special for Crewe Beer Festival in 2014 made with a load of fresh lemons making this a sharp bitter.

Strange Star Stellar Spicy Red, 6.1%. A collaboration with David from Otherton Ales. A Belgian style red ale on a saison yeast with Star Anise for a licorice edge and a load of Comet and Galaxy hops…see where the name came from?!

Topsy Belgian IPA, 5.6%. Fermented on a Belgian Saison yeast, a pale malt base and buckets of hops make this cloudy wheat beer unmissable.

Turbo Hop Twister. This is what we call our brewery hop rocket where we pull our beers through a container of fresh hops.  We can’t supply this setup outside of the brewery.

Turvy Black IPA, 6.5%.  The same hops as Topsy Belgian IPA but a different yeast and malt mix.  Trying to keep the bitterness low and letting the hops shine through.  Usually gets made once each year with different hops.

Unhinged Ginger, 4.5%. Fresh ginger root and dry ginger along with a pinch of chilli makes this a spicy but very drinakable ginger beer.

Unite Pale, 4.0%.  Part of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day 2014, this beer was made around the world with the style, gravity and hops (Cascade) pre selected.  We were then allowed to put our own twist on it…we added more and more and more Cascade!

Wacky Winter Warmer, 4.5%. A regular in our annual winter beer line up. Pale and crisp like a frosty morning.

Way Out Wheat, 4.5%. A Hefeweizen style wheat beer, cloudy with coriander and orange peel.  Expect all sorts of bubblegum, banana and fruity aromas.  It seems to keep getting awards, one day we will get them listed here.  It makes regular appearances throughout the year.

Weird Whisky Mac 6.1%.  Our whisky cask aged Unhinged Ginger.  Named for the Whisky Mac cocktail of green ginger and whisky.  The ginger tends to soften and this is a beautiful beer, drinking very easily for it’s strength.

Wild Blackberry Mild, 3.8%. We couldn’t make a conventional mild, it needed the Offbeat twist hence the addition of blackberries.

Zany Smoky Winter Wit, 4.0%. Brewed at the end of 2013 with David from Otherton Ales, this smoked wheat beer made it’s debut at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival in January 2014.  We both agreed if we make it again it needs more hops and more smokiness!

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