There She Gose

All set for free third pint tasters of There She Gose on Thursday and Friday. Make sure you fill your tasting card in and post it in the box on the bar. Full menu below, open Thursday and Friday evenings 5pm to 10pm. [beermenus place_id=39475]

Free beer!

As it’s #craftbeerhour it seems a good time to invite you over to have a free third of #ThereSheGose this Thursday and Friday (5 – 10pm). As a brewery of one person there’s only one set of tastebuds to tease so there’s a need for some feedback and opinions on this new Margarita of a…

#IWCBD part 2

On Wednesday Michelle from @LiverpoolCask and I mashed in for the #IWCBD International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day with #ThereSheGose.  Today there’s just this one Michelle back in to do the second part of the brew now our wort has dropped its acidity level and is souring nicely.  Long, slow day waiting for the kettle to…

Local ingredient

With the #IWCBD International Women’s Brew Day only a few weeks away I’ve been giving some thought to my local ingredient.  It’s the time of year when fruit isn’t really in abundance in our Crewe climate, I’ve already ruled out grit from the neighbouring railway and having already used Haughton honey I wanted something different….

Shout out to all local female brewers or wannabe female brewers

We are getting involved in the International Women’s Brew Day #IWCBD again with this year’s Unity brew.  If you’d like to head over to Crewe and collaborate then get in touch. Next problem, local ingredients?! Press release; IWCBD Reveals Brew for 2017 – Unite Local International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is pleased to announce our…