Almost St Patrick’s Day is here!

We open at 4pm today for a night of Irish giggles. We’ve some great hoppy beers from Rascals in Dublin, an Irish Stout from Runaway in Manchester, some of our own house beers (including the green Loopy Leprechaun!) and a cask light and hoppy from Cheshire Brewhouse. Live music from the Rogues at about 8pm….

Tonight! World’s Largest Pub Quiz

Lines cleaned, beers are all ready and the quiz starts at 7.30pm! Don’t miss out on a fun fundraiser for local charity LATH helping the homeless in Crewe. £5 per person entry plus a non perishable food donation would be great!

Mad as a March hare

We have so much happening in March that I thought I’d write a post and pull it all together in to one place so you can get it in your calendars. The bar is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 – 10pm every week other than any changes listed below. We have Facebook events created…

Berries, Beans & Beer – beer planning

We spent some time this weekend planning our beer list for @bbbCrewe (Berries, Beans & Beer at the Crewe Heritage Centre Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April). As a bunch of friends putting this event together who’s one big thing in common is beer then getting an awesome beer list together is crucial to us….

Time flies when you’re having rum!

While other people are thinking love, we’re thinking rum and really bad puns! New to Berries, Beans & Beer in 2018 will be a selection of 15 rums with ginger ale, cola and coconut water to mix to your liking. Rums are produced in various grades. Light rums are commonly used in cocktails, whereas “golden”…

Dearly beerloved,

It’s nearly Taproom opening time so here’s all the news from Beer Watch. New on keg we have our chocolate dipped strawberry inspired beer, Excentrique Chocolat Fraise Noir. If you missed it on cask last week (it flew out), make sure you try it on keg before it’s gone. Lemon SMASH is on cask with…

A huuuuuuge weekend lies this way!

Whether it’s a quiet drink Thursday, some great tunes on Friday or some giggles Saturday then we’re the place to be this weekend! We open Thursday at 5pm with 2 cask beers, 6 keg beers and lager, 2 ciders, a packed wine list and a well stocked spirits line up with loads of gin, rums,…