Day 2 of the leaving party

It all starts back up again at 2pm through to 11pm today.

What a crazy night that was last night, I should have leaving parties more often!

Huge thank yous to everyone for their patience in waiting and to all the friends who jumped behind the bar to help out, you’re all truly awesome.

Fab music from The Crutwells, a fantastic band well worth following. Plus a big thank you to the local CAMRA group for my services to real ale certificate. It’ll go up in the home bar very soon.

Having been so busy last night we have sold out of a couple of beers but we’re getting an emergency backup delivery from Shane at The Cheshire Brewhouse today and we will update all our menus as soon as possible. The Out Of Time IPA cask got well and truly sunk but we’ve got a half keg to hopefully get on plus guest casks going on too.

Don’t miss live music from Burt’s Gone Buskin’ on stage about 8pm tonight. First band to ever play here so more than fitting that they play us out.

Oh and thank you for all the lovely messages in the guest book 🙂

Michelle x

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