The Offbeat Leaving Party

We’ve put various snippets online about our leaving party but I thought a summary of everything on the website would be a good plan.

Today, Thursday 31st May, we are open 5 – 10pm, Friday 1st June 5 – 11pm and Saturday 2nd June 2 – 11pm. Friday night we have Jordy’s Pizzas with us plus live music from The Crutwells about 8pm and then on Saturday we have music from Burt’s Gone Buskin’ also about 8pm.

There will be a final mop up, drink-the-brewery-dry session on Thursday and Friday of the following week between 5 and 10pm!

So now let’s address some of the gossip and rumours that are flying about. I’ve always had an open and honest policy with my business, it’s just my nature.

This is the third time I’ve given serious thought to selling up, the first in 2015/2016 when we downsized from the 6 barrel to 2 barrel brewery kit in the end. Frustrated with pubs and distributors taking months to pay their bills I was fed up always chasing money and sales and not actually brewing. The smaller brewery kit with the Taproom seemed a great idea but unfortunately it brings us on to occasion two where due to an incredibly shoddy building job the plinth that the brewery ranks sits on leaked flooding out our units and the units behind every time we turned a tap on. It was patched up to a point, at great expense and partially helped by the crowdfunding scheme.

And then at the back end of last year and the beginning of this year I decided 2018 was going to be fabulous. I had a detailed marketing plan, events planned, bands booked and it was all happening with toilets being refurbished, plans for extra taps in the bar and new product lines. But early January I got sick, a bad cold, maybe flu like symptoms and because I had to be there when the builders were in I dragged myself into work each day. And then the drain got cemented up. It’s not that it’s stopped being fun, more that it’s one calamity after another without much plain sailing.

Brewing life has seemed to be about a ton of stress and I realised it was time I let it go. Type one diabetes and working non stop with high stress levels and insomnia are never a good mix. Quite how I’ve got this far with no bad side effects yet is a great unknown but I need to give my health the best chance.

I love it when a brew comes together, I love hops, I love seeing people enjoying what I’ve made but I can’t keep pushing myself to work like this. I dread to think the number of times people have asked me if I’m ok as I look really tired.I’m happy the place is selling as a going concern, it would be a shame to have seen it removed as Crewe’s nightlife needs some diversity. I was quite amused by some of the viewings when I listed the place for sale, if you think craft beer is going to make you a quick and easy buck then you’re very misguided!I’ve had some amazing people work with me over the years, Bex has been a saint staying here to the end and mucking in with everything that’s needed doing. Wishing her and her family all the best for the future.For me, what next? At the moment I’ve a couple of little side projects on the go helping out voluntary organisations with some events work and setup as a Virtual Assistant to be able to work remotely helping people with administration, marketing, social media etc but I’m also applying for jobs in marketing and events on a local-ish basis. I love doing that stuff! Plus as well as all that I’ll be keeping Berries, Beans & Beer going with the magnificent 7 team. It was suggested to me that if I wasn’t continuing with it then someone else could take it over. I was horribly offended by that idea and after the success of this year’s we will endeavour to grow and keep building it! It was a unique concept when we had the idea back in mid 2016 and we are a long way from being done with it. It’s a great format with a brand and concept that many people loved. Looking forward to seeing a lot of the Berries volunteers and helpers this weekend.Think that’s about it, we have a phenomenally good beer and cider lineup on so pop down for a pint! (Plus gins, rum, wine, soft drinks etc…)Thanks for all the support, custom and friendship over the years. I’m not moving away so drop me a message and invite me for a beer or gin some place soon 😉

Michelle xxx

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