Dearly beerloved,

It’s nearly Taproom opening time so here’s all the news from Beer Watch. New on keg we have our chocolate dipped strawberry inspired beer, Excentrique Chocolat Fraise Noir. If you missed it on cask last week (it flew out), make sure you try it on keg before it’s gone.

Lemon SMASH is on cask with actual real lemons used in the brew. Expect a zingy, tangy pint!

Porangi is fermenting well, couple of weeks away from being ready!

We’ve a new beer on tap 6, a big hoppy IPA from Sonnet 43, Fierce Panther. It’s a good one if that’s your kind of thing!

In case you were wondering why we’ve less of our own beers on at the moment we’ve not brewed much through January with building works and we’re gradually working our way through our keg stocks. Unfortunately with the kegs we have been using we can only fit 3 in the cooling cupboards, rather than 4 of the guest beers and we like to keep a choice and bit of variety in styles. We’ve got some new kegs and we are back brewing too so there will be more Offbeat beers coming online soon.

We’ve some more gins hitting the shelves too after a very busy weekend on them last week!

We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 – 10pm this week. If you’re looking for live music we’ve got Baxter with us #FinalFriday 23rd February and the Crutwells in on #FirstyFriday 2nd March.

Laters 🙂 Michelle

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