First Brew of 2018

We’re running a bit behind schedule but gradually getting back up and running so it’s our first brew of 2018. Fingers crossed it’s ready in time for Manchester Beer and Cider Festival and it’s debut, ideally I would have liked a week more.

Anyway, it’s a new brew inspired by chocolate dipped strawberries and seeing as we’re heading towards February, the month of love, it’s been christened in the language of love: Excentrique Chocolat Fraise Noir.

It’s only a small brew (well on a 2 barrel kit all ours are!) and we are casking some for Manchester, bottling some and then casking the rest. It’ll be available in the brewery Taproom and bar #FirstyFriday weekend from 1st to 3rd February.

If any of our pub customers would like a cask, please drop me a message and will confirm details and price – I’m only anticipating 3 casks available to sell.

À votre santé.Michelle x

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