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Happy New Year all!  We’ve so much planned for 2018 so have a read for some of what lies ahead.

First up, the bar is closed at the moment and will reopen 5pm on Thursday 18th January.  This gives us a chance to get a load of work done, the water is being turned off so one of the toilets can be refurbished, we’re trying to get the leaks from the plinth in the middle unit sorted and then the usual January painting and decorating to show our little industrial units some love.  The toilet in the bar unit will become the Ladies and the toilet in the middle unit will be the Gents – it will also be refurbished this year but there’s no point trying to do much with it at the moment until we can stop the flooding and damp in that unit.

I’m looking at brewing two days a week and as well as revisiting some things we’ve brewed previously we’ll keep doing some new brews for the Taproom and Barplus of course for our trade customers round and about the area.  More sours, NEIPAs, double IPAs, and fruit beers are lined up!  It’s also a huge blessing having Vicky from Tuk Tuk Creative Marketing on side as her artwork for the new pump clips is always so good! Watch out for more interesting artwork for the new beers.

Part of the fun of having a small brewery is being able to be creative and having an accountant at arm’s length who’s not querying why quite so many hops have been used!  We’ll always be hop forward and interesting with our beers but we try and keep something dark on the go too, we got caught out at the end of 2017 with the Off Kilter Porter not being quite ready in time.  Such is brewing.

We’ve been asked to do some Meet the Brewer events too so we’ll be popping up in various bars talking beer and brewing.  First new beer launch will be Excentrique Chocolat Fraise Noir which is off to the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival (25th – 27th January) and then making it’s appearance in-house for February #FirstyFriday weekend (1st – 3rd February)

We’ve already got bookings in the diary for the mobile bar units for 2018, a couple of weddings we’re honoured to be doing and then events like the Crewe Steampunk Convivial (a rare occasion when I’m seen in a dress!) and hopefully Nantwich Food and Drink Festival again.  We had a lot of fun doing markets in the run up to Christmas so you may see us out and about at a few more events like that too.

The Taproom… I don’t know quite what to tell you about this space!  I love it, it’s a pretty quirky and unique space and the people that find it seem to keep coming back.  I’ve probably said it a million times before but there’s a theory that publicans create the venues they would personally choose to go and drink in, so welcome to my crazy world!  We’re having a bit of a tidy up and sort out while we’re closed and working on a couple of projects to try and improve the space but it’s always going to be two little industrial units; not the most glamorous but well loved.  We are going to have a bit of a flirtation with a bit more cask beer and a bit less keg beer but (and it’s a big but) we can’t afford to throw beer away so if it’s not being drunk in favour of the keg I’m afraid we’ll revert to the keg taps and keep the cask at one.

Still with me?!

Live music and #FirstyFriday have been a huge part of this place for more than 5 years now so we’re adding #FinalFridaytoo; from February loads of our favourite local bands are visiting more often.  It all kicks off with the fabulous Photo Booth Smile on 2nd February followed by Baxter on #FinalFriday on 23rd February.  Oh and then there’s the #SummerOfBeer too when we’ve bands on every Friday night through July and August, but that’s ages away yet.  If there’s someone particular you’re looking for all the bands and dates are listed here – the page needs a small tidy up but the info should all be there.

Look out for Saturday Shenanigans too – not going to say much more on this right now but we’re going to add a twist to Saturday nights with a load of fun and some interesting events!

Berries, Beans & Beer will be back at the Crewe Heritage Centre on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April.  We will be massively gearing up our marketing on this very soon to build on the success of the event last year with beer, cider, wine, gin, rum, coffee and some great street food and live music.

I couldn’t leave this post without sending out a huge “thank you” for all the support that came from the Beer and Brewing community and our customers with all the problems we had with flooding in 2017 – we wouldn’t have made it without you so we’ll be forever grateful.

Did you make it to the end of this huge post?!  Our next newsletter will be out in print and available in PDF with loads of information – please take a copy with you.

Best wishes and once again, happy new year!

Michelle xx

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