Last chance to drink at Offbeat in 2017!

I was going to use a great photo of my bucket of lemons but managed to leave the camera at home so you’ll have to make do with the pump clip of today’s brew – Lemon Smash pale.  Not a new brew but not been made in a little while. SMASH stands for single malt and single hop so we’re pairing pale ale malt with gorgeous Cascade hops and a bucket of lovely unwaxed lemons.  A lovely session pale with real tangy notes from the lemons and hops.  I’m a little undecided what to brew tomorrow but having fun exploring the back catalogue for inspiration!

The bar is open Thursday (today), Friday, and Saturday 5 – 10pm and then we shut down for a couple of weeks for various works to take place.  We will update you on this very soon!

Hopefully see you in the next couple of days.

Cheers, Michelle xx

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