Merry Christmas!

Finally home and feet up after what’s been a manic week – a huge thank you to all of you for your support, I hope the beer is all enjoyed!

I was hoping to get a [s]elfie with Santa yesterday to illustrate this post but those of you who were there saw how manic it was – great fun but crazy busy. Last year our day was the opposite; busy in the afternoon and quiet in the evening, if anyone ever figures out the quirks of the licensed trade then please let me know! As always thanks for your patience and visiting and helping and coming back and telling people about us.

The Taproom is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5 – 10pm next week as usual. I’ve got one Disfunctional Functional IPA mini cask that didn’t get collected if anyone would like it for £20.

For our trade customers, we have the van on the road on Wednesday so get in touch if you need any cask, keg or bottles.

And on that note I’m off to enjoy a couple of days with my lovely husband. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and see you soon.

Best wishes, Michelle xxx

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