My life can not get any better than this!

I have my own cheese! Well Offbeat Brewery cheeses and they look and taste amazing. I think these are going to fly out super quickly so get your hands on some soon.

There’s a choice of a mature coloured cheddar in the black wax or extra mature cheddar in the red wax. They fit in the bottle gift packs too so you can get two bottles of beer and a cheese or two for a great present from £10 – £15 depending on your selections.

We’ve got a couple of different big hoppy beers in bottle at the moment like Porangi NZ Pale, Steampunk’d Amarillo IPA, Out Of Step IPA and Disfunctional Functional IPA which I think complement the red waxed extra mature brilliantly.

The mature black waxed cheese is great with Odd Ball Red, something darker like the Wild Blackberry Mild and Crazy Christmas or something really easy drinking like Kooky Gold or Outlandish Pale which let the cheese really shine!

As always it’s your choice, just a couple of handy pointers!

Get them from the Offbeat Taproom or find us at Lichfield Festive Food and Drink market this weekend and Crewe Christmas Market next weekend.

Best wishes, Michelle 🙂

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