Make no more mistakes with Christmas beer!

Starting to think of Christmas shopping and struggling to know what to buy for the beer lover in your life (or yourself!)?  Other than a great selection of t-shirts, growlers (1 litre stainless flask type containers!), cufflinks and nifty brewery merchandise we’ve obviously got a great selection of Offbeat beers in bottles and mini kegs available in the next few weeks.  Currently available from the #OffbeatTaproom but we’re hoping to have an online shop available very very soon!

First up, it’s Christmas after all, so for something with keeping with that seasonal feel how about a bottle or mini cask of Crazy Christmas?  Dark, chocolatey and with spicy notes.  A perfect fireside beer at 4.2%, available in 5 litre mini kegs from 1st December, bottles from 8th December.

For the lager drinker in your life we’d steer you towards Kooky Gold at 4.1% – lightly hopped with fruity notes this is a very easy drinking, sessionable beer.  (Our Lupy Lager goes back into production over the Christmas period!).  Currently available now in 5 litre mini kegs and 500 ml bottles from 8th December.

For something with a bit more of a zing Outandish Pale 3.9% is the beer you’re after.  Packed with American Summit hops this has a bite of bitterness and a lemony citrus finish.  500 ml bottles available now, mini kegs for 8th December.

If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter then try the Wild Blackberry Mild 3.8%.  Dark fruits on a rich, chocolate malt base make this a real favourite.  500 ml bottles available now, mini kegs for beginning of December.

For something with a higher alcohol hit but very drinkable give the Disengaged Pale 5.9% pale a whirl.   Pale malt and Dr Rudi hops from New Zealand giving a hint of lemon grass and pine…one slurp and you’ll be back for more!  Available in 500 ml bottles from 1st December.

For something that leans a bit more to the traditional (not a word we use often at Offbeat!) side then check out Odd Ball Red at 4.2%.  Dark on initial glance but a deep red when you look closer with a suggestion of spice from the hop blend.  A real favourite.  Available in 500 ml bottles from 1st December.

Something unusual then checkout the Grateful Grapefruit Wheat at 5.4%.  Our wheat yeast on it’s own brings a load of banana notes but then combine that with the grapefruit flavours of a load of Cascade hops and grapefruit juice and you’ve got this amazing beer.  Available in 500 ml bottles only now – not many left!

For the big hop lovers (like me!), you’re spoiled for choice!  If you’ve heard the words “hops” and “IPA” mentioned then this is the section you need to check out.  We’ve a few to choose from;

Disfunctional Functional IPA 4.8% – hugely popular in the #OffbeatTaproom with a big fruity blend of hops from New Zealand, Australia and America.  Currently available in 500ml bottles, mini casks available mid December – watch this space for updates!

Porangi NZ Pale 5.1% – probably my favourite beer, couldn’t fit many more hops in it!  The Maori word for ‘crazy’, this truly is packed out with New Zealand hops for a full citrus fruit bowl of flavours and a touch of gooseberry.  Currently available in 500 ml bottles, mini casks available for 1st December.

Steampunk’d Amarillo IPA 4.8% – the recipe was originally developed for the Crewe Steampunk Convivial but we like it so much we keep brewing it again.  The Amarillo hops give a touch of citrus, particularly orange.  Bottles available from 8th December.

Drop me a note with any queries.

Best wishes, Michelle

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