Confidence restored, or starting!

I need to make a confession. I’ve been avoiding brewing since the drainage has been sorted and the plinth sealed up. My confidence has taken a big knock, the fear of it still flooding out next door was kind of over whelming and then a burnt flavour started to develop on the beers. I asked the collective online brewing mindset about how best to clean the kettle element (I can’t reach all of it) and took their advice on board and the couple of brews that have taken place since seem to be hoppy rather than burnt. All good and then a huge vote of confidence from the brewing community on trade day at the Great British Beer Festival last week and I vowed that I’d make something awesome and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

It was only a tiny brew (2 casks and 2 kegs yielded) and it’s going to make its debut at September #FirstyFriday and the same weekend at Nantwich Food Festival.

It’s called Porangi NZ Pale and it’s a 5.1% New Zealand hopped pale. Porangi is the Maori word for crazy so works well with the Offbeat naming theme! We’ve none for trade at this moment in time of this hop beast but it will get brewed again. Pump clip to follow soon.


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