Tap7 #SummerOfBeer

For the hop heads visiting our bar in the #SummerOfBeer, tap 7 has been the one to look out for. It's hosted the fabulous Catatonic collaboration from Salopian and Tiny Rebel, Magic Rock's High Wire Grapefruit, Burning Sky's Easy Answers amongst others.

So we had to find something new and stumbled across this from Little Critters. Tagged as a small batch brewery we've got their 'C' Monster on order; a 6.5% citrus IPA made with the best quality American C hops, with lime leaves and fresh citrus peel added during fermentation, making this beast of an IPA as refreshing as an ocean dip on a hot day.

It's a new brewery for us and really looking forward to getting this on!

(At the end of #SummerOfBeer when we take the extra taps out and bring more cask taps back, we'll have to move tap 7 elsewhere but we'll always keep a big hoppy IPA, double IPA or imperial IPA on largely because I love them!).

Michelle x

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