#FirstyFriday today

Next month it’ll be 5 years since the first ever #FirstyFriday, we’ve come a long way, there’s been lots of changes along the way but the principles remain the same; turn up, drink beer (although we now have a great gin list along with other spirits, wines, ciders, soft drinks etc.), listen to a great live, local band (SWaY) tonight and have a bizarrely good time in an industrial unit in Crewe. Who would have anticipated it would take off the way it has? We open in approximately 5 minutes through to 10pm, SWaY will be on stage about 8. The beer list is being updated very shortly, you can keep tabs on it here and feel free to ask for recommendations if the choice is a bit bamboozling!

PS #FirstyFriday because it’s the first Friday of the month but check out our other opening times here and all the live bands we’ve got on through July and August here with our #SummerOfBeer.

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