End of Day 3

Here’s the aerial view of the finished plinth, looks the business and can’t wait to get back to brewing.  Brain is already ticking over on a couple of new recipes…

As it stands the beer and cider lines for the main bar are all cleaned and connected up, we’re aiming to get the second bar all online for opening time tomorrow (the bar is open Thursday 5pm to 10pm, Friday (5pm to 10pm and Saturday 2pm to 10pm this week).  

At the moment we are still waiting on bits and pieces to get the job finished so the brewing vessels are all dotted around the place on pallets, the “carpet” is up so we can move everything round easily and there’s a smidge less floor space but, as always, we’ll cope and have a great time with fab beers!

Don’t forget, our #SummerOfBeer continues with live music from We Are Nomad on Friday.

Michelle x

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