And so it begins

If you’ve been following our drain plight, crowdfunding on @Indiegogo then here’s the latest news.

We raised over £1000 towards the £7000 repair bill very quickly in the first week.  I’ve not been plugging our fundraising efforts so much with all the #SummerOfBeer shenanigans going on but every tiny donation is a huge help to getting rid of this horrible debt and ensuring our survival.  As I’ve said to someone recently it’s more of a tsunami than our rainy day fund can cope with.

The work is booked to start tomorrow and if all goes to plan it should be finished by end of Wednesday.  I do have a fear that they’re going to find the plinth is saturated and can’t do what was originally planned, it’s not dry enough to work with and so on but fingers crossed it’s all good.

The grand plan is we will get the bar open as usual for Thursday night but may not have the full bar offering on – there’s going to be tons of cleaning, hundreds of glasses to wash etc and getting as much stuff moved back in to place as possible.  Keep an eye on our website and social media and we will keep you up to date.  All volunteers welcome on site Thursday with the big clean up!

Friday night we’ve got We Are Nomad playing and we will be open Saturday as planned with the #SummerOfBeer party.

A huge thank you goes out to David, Graeme and Sam for helping lift and pack everything up last night, many hands and some Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit make light work!

(If you want to read the full story and our crowdfunding efforts then click here.)

See you at the other end of a stressful week, Michelle x

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