The future for Offbeat is a little uncertain as drainage problems here have taken a turn for the worse so as promised here’s a bit of an update and the dilemma of what to do next.

I’ve one angry neighbour and understandably so with the drainage failing and his stock being damaged as water seeps through the partition wall.  I’m trying to put things right, see if anything can be done with the insurance and with the landlord while there is an empty unit in the block which could be used.

Unfortunately the brewery drain counts as “wear and tear” and it’s looking like the whole plinth needs ripping out, rebuilding and new drainage fitted to a higher standard and then sealed over.  This isn’t covered under the insurance.  I’ve been speaking to various companies with various products and groundworks skills to try and find the most cost effective and best fix for the job but we’re running into the thousands of pounds.

How do we raise this money to continue? Bank loans, credit cards, a couple of people have suggested a big fundraising party or beer festival or some sort of crowdfunding or kickstarter campaign.  My brain is a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment but feel free to add ideas etc.

So what’s next?  We’ve enough beer in stock to fulfill all our orders for the next couple of weeks and two of the three fermenters are full.  We’ve a load of great guest beers ordered in and our #SummerOfBeer will all be going ahead as planned.  There’s a ton of work and organisation gone in to it so we will have some great nights, fab bands and top beers all summer long!

And as my lovely friend Jim says, beer people are good people. Once again the beer community pulls together and I find myself  invited to go brew on other people’s kit to give us some continuity and keep cash flowing to pay the overheads.  

Hopefully Offbeat will survive and thrive, it’s my desire to make it so.

Michelle x 

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