It would be stating the obvious

to point out that it’s rather hot right now!   Keep promising myself I’ll keep the blog more up to date so here’s a bit of a long post…

We’re having a couple of problems here with flooding at the brewery, the drain is leaking again and unfortunately going through the wall to the unit behind.  It’s a bit of a stressful time as you can imagine but we’re looking at getting it fixed properly rather than patching it up so we’re in the process of talking to a load of contractors and looking at a number of options to either relocate, refurbish or replace the plinth that the brewery vessels stand on.  Relocating is at the bottom of the option list so hoping to be able to finance the work and stay put here, we will keep you posted.

In the mean time our #SummerOfBeer campaign is coming together amazingly well. We start with a soft opening as we add Saturdays to the bar opening hours on 1st July from 2pm to 10pm.  The following week it all kicks off big style with #FirstyFriday on 7th July with live music from Poyzer Fluff and Farrell.  Then every week after that on every Friday night we will have live music on alongside a fab selection of beers, gins, ciders, wines and spirits – check out the #SummerOfBeer page for more info.  We’ll be open Thursdays 5pm – 10pm, Fridays 5pm – 10pm and Saturdays 2pm – 10pm all July and August.


We will also have a limited number of #SummerOfBeer t-shirts available.

I need to confess we opened the Wild Sleeping Lemons Gin.  I can honestly say it’s one of the best gins I’ve ever had and looking forward to putting it on as Gin Of The Month in July – like the Sleeping Lemons beer you get the salt and preserved lemons through, a hint of sherbert.  It’s honestly delicious!


And pub customers, you’ve not been forgotten!  We’ve been so busy with events and beer festivals and people calling us we’ve not had a huge amount of stock spare but an email is due out on Thursday with deliveries available for next week and working on replenishing depleted stocks as quickly as possible with some favourites and some new brews.

Best wishes, Michelle


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