If you build it they will come 

I’m afraid the Offbeat bar is closed on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th April because we’re at Berries, Beans & Beer and there’s no bars or furniture left at the brewery!

We really hope you’ll join us over the road at the Crewe Heritage Centre on Friday (5pm to 11pm £7), Saturday (11am to 11pm £7) and Sunday (11am to 6pm £5).  All tickets include £4 drink tokens plus we’ve our “Talks on the Train” where you can meet brewers, distillers and experts in their field for a mere £3 accompanied by a few tasters.  We’ve a great line up of things we do so well at Offbeat (like beer, gin and live music) and other great companies in like Otter’s Tears for an amazing bottle beer bar, Rodney Densem wines, the Real Cider Company and Hasbean coffee. Plus outside we’ve three street food traders to stop you going hungry.

Couple of answers to questions that keep cropping up; it is free entry for children, the Heritage Centre exhibits are open but you do need to accompany your child on site and we are dog friendly as long as they’re kept on a lead.  The bands Friday (Vavoom) and Saturday (the Age of Plastic) should be on stage for about a 9pm start.  You can pay on the door at any of the sessions but advance ticket holders can skip to the front to be checked in.  Tickets are available online here.

If you’re one of our loyalty card holders you can swipe in each day once for a bonus 30 points which you can redeem at the Offbeat Brewery bar when we reopen Thursday 4th or on #FirstyFriday 5th May.   If you sign up this weekend the same offer applies, 30 points is the equivalent to a free half of beer or cider or you can save them up to double up on spirits, for bar tabs and merchandise.

Think that’s about it, it’s looking like a great event and hope you’ll join us for it.

Michelle x

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