Have you joined our Loyalty Card?

It’s soooo easy, grab a @SwipiiCard on the bar, tap the “Press Here” on the bright orange clad iPad, stick your email address in and that’s pretty much it.  You’ll get an email through from Swipii that you need to click to confirm your email address and then every time you make a purchase at the bar you can scan your card and collect the points.  We’re really transparent with the pricing here as it is, we believe you should be able to see what you’re paying for up front and that’s what I love about Swipii, you can see straight away how many points you have and what you can redeem them for, 25 for a packet of crisps, 30 points for a half of beer or cider etc.  You can redeem when you want or save up for bar tabs, doubling up on spirits or cool merchandise.  It is one card per customer and one scan per transaction.

The bar is open this week Thursday (20th) and Friday (21st) 5pm to 10pm as usual so setup a new card or bring yours along if you’re already signed up!

Next week the Offbeat Brewery bar will be closed as we’re taking the bars and furniture to Berries, Beans & Beer at the Heritage Centre 28th – 30th April, we hope you’ll join us over there for gins, beers, coffee, cider, wine, amazing live music and some great street food.  Bring your Swipii card along for some bonus points each day or it will also be an opportunity to join up too.

Michelle x

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