On the taps tonight with Turbo Hop Twister

Ever since I first heard about the Dogfish Head Randall the Enamel Animal I’ve wanted one – you can read all about it here, it’s now in it’s third version.  At the time I was brewing at Windie Goat Brewery at the Failford Inn up in the west of Scotland and we tried to make our own, it wasn’t a huge success, with the pull from a hand pump it just foamed up and made one hell of a mess!

For those of you who’ve been attending #FirstyFriday for a while you’ll know we had something similar here for a while in the middle unit and set it up on both cask and keg beers but again had problems with it.  So I’ve gone to the guys who came up with the original idea and have revised the design a couple of times to get a tip top pour.

I’m loving play with this now it’s on site, the Tropical Wheat on Pineapple Cube boiled sweets had an awful smell but the beer tasted great, the real hit so far has been Kooky Gold on Citra hops – it’s not an overly hoppy beer so it’s giving the Citra a real showcase.  This week we’ve got the Unconventional Lime Pepper Saison lined up to go through over some fresh limes, a few black peppercorns and some Cascade hops.  Quite a heady cocktail!  We’re open 5 to 10pm Thursday and Friday.

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