Friday 17th March

First up, a quick apology to the customers who were in last night! I was in full on zombie mode, diabetes and insomnia coupled with some crazy stress made me a bit of a disaster zone where everything I looked at broke! So apologies and hope I didn’t scare anyone off!

Back to it, I’ve been asked a couple of times if we are doing anything for St Patrick’s today.  We’ve got the bar open as usual 5pm to 10pm with half a dozen beers on, cider, wine and the ever growing collection of gin but you’ll have to check back on #FirstyFriday on 7th April for live music.   Beer Dock have a band on tonight and if you check Crewe Gigs that’ll point you in the direction of loads of other stuff happening. 

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  1. offbeatbrewery says:

    One of those things, bad days don’t happen too often!

  2. Will says:

    Oh dear was that your BG in the pic? If so it’d b good skills to make a cuppa never mind run a bar. Get some rest and don’t risk your health. If u have to close the bar me week to get back in your groove it’ll b worth it. Hope Friday went well

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