So much of what I love

So much of what I love about brewing is the people.

I’ve been brewing about 10 years now and although the beer world changes, the people stay the same.  Newcomers are welcomed, beer is drunk, success celebrated, advice freely given, disasters commiserated with help and solutions offered.  I’ve been in situations where I’ve run out of an item and half a dozen people offer to loan, I’ve had the brewery kit breakdown and people offer to let me brew on their site, I’ve split orders with other brewers, I’ve asked for advice, asked where to buy things from, asked how to fix things or find a workaround and the brewing community always steps up.  Truly a good bunch of people, many I’m happy to call friends.

(In case you’re wondering what’s inspired this gushing post, there’s been a thread running privately on Facebook about bad beer reviews, no one’s lording it up, and big and small name brewers have been chipping in from across the UK.  It’s been a giggle, we all know we’re never going to make a beer everyone loves but part of the fun of brewing is trying different recipes and being creative).

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