The things you learn at/from #FirstyFriday

1. You’ll be amazed what a good night you find yourself having in a small industrial unit in Crewe.

2. With no insulation it’s either hot or cold. Turn the heaters off and everyone freezes, leave them on and the people sat near by are getting cooked to the point of well done.

3. The beer choice is varied and errrm sometimes interesting.  Seems pineapple cubes and tropical wheat together somehow break down to provide a slightly vomit like aroma and yet a whole keg was drunk and some people came back for more!  (Next time we might play it a bit more safe!).

4. As a one person business #FirstyFriday wouldn’t happen without the help of the people that jump in behind the bar, last night Brian and Stacey were my saviours. So very grateful to them both!

5. The live music scene locally is booming, great to have Phil Maddocks and Nick Bayes with us last night and we’ll keep having live music at #FirstyFriday plus a load of extra dates through July and August. Keep an eye out for news.

6. The toilets are a bit grim (and I have to confess they got a bit neglected yesterday).  We are plagued with damp problems from the amount of water running through the building but working on some solutions.

7. When one cheeseboard goes out suddenly everyone wants a cheeseboard.  Will buy more for next time!

8. If we haven’t got something you want then let us know, we’ve added vodka and rum after a few requests so open to suggestions.

9. Michelle will look ridiculously tired about 8.30pm without fail. It’s a long day and a 5 minute sit down for a bowl of soup is about it in a 16 hour day.  Not a complaint, it’s my favourite day of the month!

10. You’ll find yourself wondering when the next #FirstyFriday is so you can come back and it’ll be explained that it’s the first Friday of the month.  Years later when you’re attending regularly you’ll be tagging it as #FurstyFriday and Michelle will be wondering where her marketing failed 😉

Many thanks to everyone who supports #FirstyFriday and the brewery bar in whatever way.  Love having you there and we don’t exist without your support.  The bar is open every Thursday and Friday 5pm to 10pm and #FirstyFriday will be back 7th April.  Keep an eye on our Summer of Beer page for more opening hours, bands and carousing in July and August.
Michelle x

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