Shout out to all local female brewers or wannabe female brewers

We are getting involved in the International Women’s Brew Day #IWCBD again with this year’s Unity brew.  If you’d like to head over to Crewe and collaborate then get in touch.

Next problem, local ingredients?!

Press release;

IWCBD Reveals Brew for 2017 – Unite Local

International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is pleased to announce our fourth annual global event to be held on March 8th, 2017. The aim of the day, which coincides with International Women’s Day, is for women who are passionate about beer to get together and brew. This event originated as a way to raise awareness of women’s roles in the brewing industry. The beer brewed on this day, named “Unite”, is synonymous with IWCBD and female brewers.

After a fabulous year of brewers expressing themselves in 2016 with “Unite Expression”, this year will see brewers support locally sourced ingredients to create “Unite Local”. For this beer, you don’t have to use everything 100% local, we understand that this could be very difficult for some. However, we would like you to find at least one true local ingredient to use in this year’s recipe. Once again, call upon your friends and local brewing community and even local farmers to gain the knowledge of your local ingredient(s) and how best to use them.

The event’s Founder Sophie de Ronde, NPD Brewing Technologist at Muntons Malt UK, states “This decade has become a wonderful and exciting time for brewing and we are seeing an increase in styles of old and new. This development in the brewing world is immensely important and is facilitated from collaborations and communications, such as this day provides.”

Previous participants have included brewers in Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden among many others. Event Organizer Denise Ratfield said “Taking into account the success of previous years, we are excited about where 2017 Unite Local will take us as far as new participants. Last year saw a huge contingent from South Africa join our brew day. The camaraderie of the day translates well for any brewing community to take part”.

The event is 100% free to join and is geared to both professionals and homebrewers. View the participant map here at to see who has confirmed to brew Unite Local.

If you are joining this historic event, simply email us at or let us know on social media. We’ll take it from there and include you on our map and promote your participation.

Find out more about IWCBD and Unite Brew at

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