C Smackdown

As October rolls ever closer it’s irking me (and probably a few others in the licensed trade) about Go Sober for October. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of raising money for charity, especially cancer ones having lost my mother to it, and the benefits of not drinking alcohol for a while can’t be denied. BUT the licensed trade plays a huge part in raising money for various charities throughout the year and this encourages people to say away. Pubs are the heart of the community, it’s a tough market out there and we don’t need to see any more businesses failing.

So getting to the point, today I’m brewing a new beer, “C Smackdown” and it’s named in honour of the efforts being made to beat cancer and it’s going to be packed full of C hops (Cascade, Columbus, Citra and Chinook).  For every one of the 7 casks sold I’ll donate £10 to Clic Sargent and the beer will make its debut at Salford Beer Festival – another admirable fund raising venture. I’m also going to see if we can get a charity tin for the bar for the same charity.

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  1. offbeatbrewery says:

    Got a collection bucket in – have emailed head office about the possibility of using the logo on the pump clip for the beer and the bottle labels – is that anything you can ok? Thanks, Michelle

  2. Jayne Moran says:

    Hi Michelle – I am the Area Fundraising Manager for CLIC Sargent – so I wanted to just say a huge thank you for supporting us…the collection tins are on their way! 🙂

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