Berries, Beans & Beer – drinks festival

If you’ve been at #Crewe beer festival you may have seen the Berries, Beans & Beer banner so this seems like a good opportunity to tell you a little more about it.  The deposit has been paid and we’re booked in to the Crewe Heritage Centre from 28th to 30th April 2017.

2 weeks ago Otherton Ales had the Argo Bar at Has Bean coffee in Staffordshire and after a couple of beers it seemed a great idea to put on a drinks festival with beer, coffee and gin.  The gin is something I’ve been wanting to do and there was a definite interest when I posted on Facebook about it but through the winter we struggle for the space here at the brewery so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring it all together.  Has Bean have worked with various brewers supplying them with their amazing coffee for their beers and their talk and tasting at Birmingham Beer Bash this year with beers and the coffees used in them went down a storm.

From there came the idea of bringing in some wine, cider and soda – trying to cover all bases so there’s something for everyone.  We’re gradually announcing different associate companies as they come on board plus booking in street food traders.

There’s conversations going on with various bands and DJs we would like to include to create a cool space to hang out in.

We’re aiming for a ticket price of about £5 to £6 per session which will include your glass and first drink from either the gin or beer bars.  You will be able to buy tickets in advance.

There’s big plans afoot, a lot of crazy ideas floating about but we’re hoping to make this a really great event celebrating independent beverage businesses.  If you want to follow and keep up to date with plans and announcements then our Facebook page is probably the best place to look and ‘like’;  There’s also some information about the people involved in setting this up; if you’d like to get involved, become a sponsor or help in anyway then get in touch.

More soon!  Michelle


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  1. Sounds really good! Looking forward to coming to visit you soon!! 🙂

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