I’ve been asked a couple of times about #NewBrewThursday on the blackboards in the bar so now is the chance to find out more! It’s well established (of American origin I believe) and gives you the opportunity to try new beers and brewers to showcase new stuff.  So I have something new for you, started by accident rather than design and is going out as Oddity 10 Citra Wheat. Citra hops are gorgeous, packed full of all the citrusy flavours and all on a light malt base, the wheat will make it naturally cloudy but it’s on an ale yeast so won’t have those typical banana, bubblegum and Clive type flavours.  

Come and give it a try when we open 5pm to 10pm Thursday and Friday along with Lupy Lager, Kookier Kooky Gold, Otherton Pinta and London Town pHuschia.

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