First brew

After another late night at the brewery (it’s nearly midnight on Wednesday,  I should hopefully be mashed in for the first brew on the new kit by the time you read this with the wonders of scheduling).

There have been a few delays in getting here – the drain is unfortunately still a bit leaky, the floor hasn’t sealed properly on one side (the two are related) and there have been delays with parts turning up and simply finding the time to do it all. Dave’s engineering brain and skills have been put to good use so hoping to free him up now so he can focus on Birmingham Beer Bash (even before we became a couple it was one of my favourite beer festivals for the passion of the team running it, the great range of beers and the lovely location in the warehouses by the canal so if you’ve not been look it up and grab a ticket!).

I’m starting with an Outlandish Pale, it’s a beer I’ve made hundreds of times before, it’s not too crazily hopped so I can focus on what I’m doing with the brewery kit, get a load of readings and measurements and hopefully get a load of information to calibrate the kit. I have a theory it’s going to be a bit like the first pancake (usually a disaster so goes in the bin or the chef eats it!) but fingers crossed it turns out well as the cold room is pretty much empty.

So wish me luck and hopefully I’ll get through unscathed without cursing too much and some great beer at the end!

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  1. Frank Cooke says:

    Good luck with the new equipment – happy to lend a hand.

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