Crewe Steampunk Convivial 

This weekend has seen the first Crewe Steampunk Convivial take place in Crewe and we’ve had such a great weekend!

Saturday afternoon we had the bar open at the brewery for the steampunkers and the football fans heading to the Everall derby charity match at the Cumberland sports ground down the road. A busy afternoon ensued with many people finding us for the first time and enquiring about opening hours. At the moment we are still #FirstyFriday only (this week, Friday 3rd June 12 to 10pm), but fingers crossed more to follow.  

It was about 10pm when we had the van packed up with everything we thought we would need to setup the bar in town.

I’m very grateful to David Smith (organiser of the Convivial), Crewe Town Council and Cheshire East Licensing board for giving us the opportunity to have a bar in town – with rules about drinking on the streets in place we had to have a designated “beer garden” area and SIA door staff but it went swimmingly well.

Thanks are extended to the borrowed Team Tango; Paul, Steve and James for travelling over to provide the door staffing for us. A bit of sun burn and chasing the odd person back inside the roped off area were the only troubles. Smooth sailing and hope it paves the way for us being able to be involved in more events.

We’ve had a lot of fun, I dressed up Saturday and have loved seeing all the amazing costumes around town.  People were happy to pose for photographs.  If you didn’t make it you missed out on so many great things; the market, the Curiousities, the steam engines, the tea tent, the music and it was all free to wander round in the day.  I’m told the evening shows were great, wish I’d had the time or energy to get to them!

As a small aside, we had the pulled pork and ribs from the Bistro Box and thought they were fab so they’re hopefully booked in to cater our August Firsty Friday Festival.

The Town Council have asked for feedback, I don’t think there’s too much to criticise for a first time shot at this. A little program would help with a map and list of events, we would happily advertise to support printing costs to see this continue and grow year on year.

All in all its been a fabulous weekend and we would love to be back next year. Cheers David, you should be very proud and you looked very dapper!

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  1. offbeatbrewery says:

    Will do

  2. Martin says:

    Could you feedback to the council that perhaps some lead up events on the square would get the main event more into the public consciousness

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