is probably the second last brew on the current Offbeat Brewery kit; this time next week I’ll hopefully have a fair chunk of it loaded on the van or packed on pallets and off to big Newcastle it will go.  It’s a nerve wracking time, so much to do, so many long hours and a seemingly never ending To Do list but I suppose it’s gradually coming together.

I’ll be bringing back from Newcastle the Out There Brewing kit which is about a third the size of what I’ve got now. When many breweries are expanding you may wonder why I’m going against the crowd but it’s become a fairly simple decision that I’m looking forward to. A smaller brewery means I get to brew more and can do some more experimental stuff – more sours for sure! It also takes away some of the financial burdens as two distributors have gone under owing us and I’ll be focusing on dealing directly with customers, cutting out the middle man.

As part of all this I’m currently waiting on planning permission to be able to open the brewery bar a couple of nights a week; accosting the lovely post lady every day but still no news. It’s a pretty cool space and being able to have a beer in right next to the brewery will be great and add a little something to the Crewe beer scene – if you want to meet the brewer that’ll be me behind the bar!

As a final note while I listen to the sparge arm squeak away I owe a huge amount of thanks to the lovely husband who’s done tons of work down here to help me get ready and put up with the ranting when things haven’t gone to plan!  And a handful of other friends who’ve popped into help, given their advice and opinions….thank you 🙂

Michelle xx

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