Not at #FirstyFriday

I think yesterday was only the second #FirstyFriday I’ve missed since we started and the first was a well coordinated planned absence!  I unfortunately got sick on Tuesday and despite my best efforts haven’t been able to shake it off. I briefly went in to work Thursday to try and get things straightened out but soon realised I wasn’t well enough to be there. After discussions with the doctor on Thursday night I was told to stay in bed or get admitted to hospital.

So it’s now I’d like to say a huge thanks to my amazing husband, David, and best friend, Chris, who pulled the place together and looked after everyone. It wasn’t a case of walking in and everything was ready to go.  The same goes to Brian and co behind the scenes.

The brewery is also in a transitional state at the moment as it moves from unit 6 to unit 4 and I know where I’ve put things away and where things are stored, my helpers didn’t and did their best.  I’m delighted to hear most people had a great night but disappointed to hear someone was incredibly rude and abusive to one of the jumping in at the last minute volunteer team.  It’s not welcome at Offbeat ever.

Anyway, we will be open 12 to 6 Saturday 28th May and then find us during the day on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May in the Market Square, Crewe with our mobile bar as part of the Steampunk Convivial.

#FirstyFriday is back 12 to 10pm Friday 3rd June.

Best wishes, Michelle

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