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As 2016 swings in to action so does the next crazy level of plans and ideas.

At some point in the past year or so David of Otherton Ales fame bought this refrigerated mobile trailer. It sat in unit 4 at the brewery for ages until I insisted it had to be moved so it’s now in storage off site.  It’s time it earned it’s keep so in the next couple of months we’re finalising the design work with the awesome One Red Shoe and the trailer is off to Blackpool to be ‘wrapped’.

The design for the trailer has taken in my brief for offbeat, weird and wacky and then encompasses David’s ship theme so we’ve got an argonaut hanging on to bottles of beer with the Offbeat chick and the Otherton Ales’ stag.

The front bars and going to be built round the existing Offbeat ones which are pretty solid and can withstand being carted around and dumped in marquees in fields, village halls or wherever is required.  Depending on space restrictions we will be able to take the bars on their own with mobile cooling or run a full scale operation from the trailer – it’s going to look fantastic when finished with the argonaut and ancient mariner theme running throughout!

We’re aiming to offer a great, premium drinks service – with 2 brewing partners involved expect a great line up beers (both cask and keg), lager, cider, wine, soft drinks and premium spirits which will lead us on to cocktails.  Researching the spirits choices, like picking a gin we both loved and thought would work well, has been a very tough job.  We’re also working on some beer cocktails – yes, seriously!

If you’re looking for something a bit different for a wedding bar, event or festival then come and have a look at what we do.  The full bar will launch at Offbeat Brewery on Friday 1st April (tempting fate) and Saturday 2nd April and will then be used for the main bar  at the Offbeat #FirstyFridays.  We’re at CW1 2BD, on Thomas Street towards the Cumberland Sportsground.

We’re on social media to so like, follow, share at will…

There’s a website coming soon too.  Give Michelle a call on 07502 096 438 for more information in the meantime.


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