Planning Ahead

While failing to get anywhere with the accounts it’s time for some diary planning.  We usually put the events here on the website and then create ‘Events’ for them on the Facebook page here.

#FirstyFriday will keep happening with it’s usual regularity and we’re booking up bands to see us through to the end of the year….I know it’s not sunk in everywhere yet but the name comes from it being the first Friday of the month.  We skip January but then back every month on the first Friday throughout the year.

Barley’s Angels, there will be a regular meeting set every couple of months, this is something I want to make happen and I think setting a regular date will see us get this properly up and running.  It’s open to all females over the age of 18 to come and learn about beer – click the link and have a read through for more information.

Cheese Night, this was a huge hit in 2015 and we’ve plans for another version and some similar foodie nights too.

We’re having an Easter Kegstravaganza the weekend after Easter when #FirstyFriday falls.  This will see the launch of The Argo Bar, a joint project between ourselves and Otherton Ales to get good beer out and on the road.  The Argo is currently in planning but it’s offbeat design and nautical theme seems to capture both of our identities.  It’s going to be pretty awesome, look out for more news and photos on this soon!

We are also booking in to do various markets, food festivals and more events like the Christmas Fayres with The Argo Bar and the pizza oven plus the brewery bar is available if you’re looking for an event space if you want a place for a private party.

Off the back of our own Christmas Fayre, the Gifts, Grub and Giggles, we’re looking to run a couple of our own craft fayres in the brewery yard as the weather picks up.

That’s all very vague but keep your eyes peeled for news on dates and events popping up as it all gets confirmed!


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