Hop seminar & walk with @charlesfaram

I’ve spent yesterday and today down near Malvern on a hop farm learning more about one of our key ingredients.  

Yesterday involved a bunch of seminars, it was interesting if a bit depressing – the hop crops across the world have been blighted by a series of too hot weather, droughts and even hail. Hops from this year’s harvest are going to shoot up in price….”2007″ was mentioned which will be putting fear in to anyone who was brewing then and hops prices doubled or more. Happy days. We will always persevere and keep doing what we do but it may involve some tinkering with recipes as the hop shortage kicks in – demand is going to massively exceed supply for this year.

Today we are back to Stocks Farm (http://stocksfarm.net) for a walk about the different vines and to pick up some green hops fresh from the harvest – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I first started brewing 9 years ago and glad I’ve finally found the time to do it.

Then it’s a race back to Crewe with the fresh hops where Andrea is leaving a copper full of wort so we can use the hops up while they’re nice and oily and hopefully get the maximum flavour out. 

Always busy! Looking forward to seeing many of you this Friday for #FirstyFriday – the beers are up, a load of line cleaning to do tonight!

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