Slowly slipping back into the routine…

Well kind of. I’m shattered, still recovering from the weekend and all that went in to the setup plus a crazy week of sales too.  But gradually we are getting back to normal!

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone that came and supported  Firsty Friday Festival…the sun was shining, the beers flowed pretty equally so we still had a good choice through the weekend and we had a great time. A lot of help came from people to make it happen, they know who they are and I’m incredibly grateful to them. A special mention goes to Andrea and Caz who’ve kept the brewery running while i was sorting the festival and then to Dave who’s been a star…stopping late at the brewery getting everything sorted, been a huge amount of support and jumping in to do food when the plans changed last minute.

If you’ve any feedback on the festival let me have it…we listened last year and didn’t have glasses made this year to reduce the entry fee – without putting the beer prices up a bit we can’t get rid of the entrance fee I’m afraid as there’s the cost of toilets, bands etc to cover. I am thinking maybe a band for Saturday night next year?

Onwards. September #FirstyFriday slips a week to 11th September because the CAMRA beer festival at the Heritage Centre is 4th, 5th and 6th. We will have our bar and six beers on so stop by and say “Hello”!

Saturday 19th September we are taking beer and the pizza oven under the M6 and across to Titanic Brewery for a fun collab  there too. Sam from Titanic is coming to make a beer with us too so look out for that.

The weekend of 25th and 26th September we are running a bar at the Crewe Heritage Centre for the Wheels of War event, more info here; We will be doing pizzas on the Saturday in to the evening for the 1940s dance.

Then it’s October and #FirstyFriday comes around again!

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