At Offbeat Brewery #Crewe some weeks are busy

and some are just ridiculous.

Having not been able to brew on Friday because the door handle of the brewery rusted up and fell apart (seriously!), we’re chasing our tails today trying to catch up with a huge brew of Outlandish Pale.  At some point I need to run down the road to Staffordshire Brewing and get a load of bottle labels as we’ve so much new stuff that needs labelling up.

Tomorrow sees another big brew of Disfunctional Functional IPA while the van heads out to Liverpool and Chester on a delivery run and then back to the brewery to load up the beers for Middlewich Folk and Boat.  Greg of Middlewich Narrowboats has decided to set the bar up in one of the boats but has assured me he has a hoist and I don’t need to be lifting kilderkins on to it…they weigh about 15 stone!  So I’ll be seeing Tuesday out rigging up cooling on a boat.

Wednesday sees van on it’s usual foray in to Manchester on the delivery runs and then back to prep for the inaugral Barley’s Angels meeting, sort some beers out, sort out how an Introduction to Beer is going to work!  David from Otherton Ales is hoping to fit a bit of a night brew in too of his new mocha stout number.

Thursday sees more deliveries, and then getting organised for Middlewich Folk and Boat festival, with the pizza oven, gazebos and work stations we’re not travelling light and with the number of people descending on Middlewich it would be quite handy to setup and not to have to run back for anything!  The Barley’s Angels‘ meeting is at 7.30pm on Thursday evening, all ladies are more than welcome for a fun night learning about beer and trying some out.

Friday sees us off to Middlewich Folk and Boat while Andrea keeps the brewery running and Caz gets the mountain of bottles labelled and sorted out.

We won’t have the bar open this Saturday because we’re tied up with the beer and pizza thing but feel free to pop over and say hello in Middlewich.  Once we get through this weekend of a lot of pizzas we’ll be loooking forward to all the madness all over again next week!

Don’t forget you can call in here and buy bottles if you’re after Father’s Day gifts when we’re here Monday, Tuesday and Friday but try Beer Dock, Crewe, the Beer Emporium, Sandbach or MicroBrewery Outlet, Dagfields if you’re looking for some bottles of our beer near by.

That’s it for now, look forward to seeing some of you for Barley’s Angels on Thursday from 7.30pm.

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