Oddity #5 – English Hopsplosion

Tomorrow sees the brewing of Oddity #5, English Hopsplosion.  This may not be that ‘out there’ compared to some of the Oddities so far but something I want to do to kind of prove myself wrong.  You see I’m one of these biased people when it comes to hops; I’ll rave about the American ones, the New Zealand and Australian ones but not the English ones.  We do use some in the brewery but they tend to be more in the background like with the Way Out Wheat except we want the coriander, orange and banana esters to dominate there or the Wild Blackberry Mild where we want to bring through the darker malts and the fruit.

So I’ve four English hop varieties – Epic, Pioneer, Admiral and Archer and aiming for a pale ale that’s going to be hopped heavily to the levels of the Disfunctional Functional IPA with an abv of about 4.6%.  I’m hoping these hops are going to give me a real tropical fruit smorgasbord!

We will keep you posted and don’t forget it’s #FirstyFriday this week.

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