Oddity overload!

These Oddities are flying out!

#1 Honey Cream Ale is all gone in casks, we’ve a few bottles left.

#2 Berliner Weisse is all kegged and bottled – labels should hopefully be in tomorrow and the bottles will be ready to go

#3 Herby Saison is smelling and tasting rather gorgeous…subtle and not overpowering but definitely getting those amazing Scarborough Fair aromas through.  Kegging and casking at the moment and then it’s next up on Caz’s bottling list.

#4 Hawaii Saison is tomorrow’s brew…pineapple and coconut.  Abv really ought to be 5.0!

PS Bottle cap collectors, we don’t send them out!

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  1. Will says:

    Congratulations on the herby saison. Tried at Hops on Tuesday and it’s nicely balanced. Not too sour for saison newbies and nice herby notes. I must try it in bottles, especially if you’ve got the chicks back on them.

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