Oddity 3 – Herby Saison

We’ve a cold room with a bit of everything in, so tomorrow seems like a good opportunity for another play with an Oddity.  I can’t take credit for this recipe, I’ve twisted and tweaked it a bit as I loved the sound of it and the original brewers were good enough to share it.  So we’re going for a bit of a saison with a load of fresh herbs in it, probably going to be a light to medium amber colour and a load of citrusy hops which will hopefully work alongside.  Our recipe isn’t identical, change in hops and a bit more colour but hopefully we can do it justice.

If you’re curious about the original recipe, you can read here, and look forward to trying ours in a couple of weeks or so.  I’m not sure yet whether this will be casked or kegged but maybe a bit of both and definitely some bottles.

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