More opening hours at Offbeat

It’s just over a week away until #FirstyFriday on 1st May so while the beer list is forming (more about that in a min) here’s a good opportunity to talk opening times.

Now we have a full premises licence we can sell from site every day but that’s never been the plan.  Anyone who has ever visited on a non-open day can tell you about the amount of stuff we have to move to create the space for #FirstyFriday to happen.  We wanted a bit more flexibility to open but not to operate full pub hours.

One benefit is you can now pop in and buy bottles when we are there – brew days are usually Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Soooo #FirstyFriday is still going to happen in it’s usual awesome format with a load of great beers, awesome music and a great crowd of people BUT from Saturday 2nd May and pretty much every Satutday after until beginning of September we are going to open the bar from 12 to 5 with some cask and keg beer.  Don’t forget if you’re looking for a space for a private party we don’t charge to book the brewery out for your party space.

Anyway, back to the important #FirstyFriday stuff.  I’ve probably more beers lined up than we have taps;

  1. Oddity 1 Honey Cream Ale
  2. Oddity 2 Berliner Weisse #evilkeg
  3. Outlandish Pale
  4. Kooky Gold
  5. Odd Ball Red
  6. Disfunctional Functional IPA
  7. Out Of Step IPA 
  8. Wild Blackberry Mild
  9. Otherton Ales Kinnear
  10. Driftwood Spar Porter

Spoilt for choice and what doesn’t get finished can be enjoyed on the Saturday afternoon.

There will be some fab music from Martin Rivers on Friday night and now the pizza oven is repaired we will have pizzas and sausages on the go. Don’t miss out!


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