Oddity 2 – Berliner Weisse

Today, among all the #FirstyFriday setup, I’m mashing in Oddity 2.  I have to admit this brew scares me, it’s starting to delve in to the world of sours which I’ve drunk but never brewed before and it’s not brewing the way I’m used to with leaving wort sat in the copper for a few days to let the acidity increase.

A Berliner Weisse is pale and I’m expecting this to be hazy because there is quite a lot of wheat malt involved.  Hops are not the main feature, it’s about getting a sour, cheek sucking in, tartness through and I’m aiming for an abv of about 3.7%.

It’s often served with a shot of sweet syrup (raspberry is popular) to counteract the sourness or mixed half and half with a lager.

The plan is to bottle and keg Oddity 2, Berliner Weisse.

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