Off At A Tangent…new beer range, “The Oddities”?!

I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding our beer range and going with some new specials but as one off brews.  Some in cask, some keg, some bottle and maybe a mixture of all.  Our core range of beers will stick around, I’d rather sell my soul than stop brewing Disfunctional Functional IPA, but we’re keen to learn and explore…delve in to the world of sours, more barrel ageing, more weird and wonderful ingredients.  If anything our name has been made off the back of Way Out Wheat’s success and other specialties like the Unhinged Ginger, Far Out Stout and Wild Blackberry Mild scooping awards so it’s time to do more and push the boundaries of what we can get out of this little brewery kit.

Thinking of calling the beers “The Oddities” – they won’t all be that crazy so maybe it’s not the right name but the first thing that popped in to my head!  Let me know your thoughts.

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