Beer special for April?

I can’t decide….I don’t know whether to make something new (always like putting recipes together!), and if so what, or go with an old favourite.  We’ve done a lot of hoppy specials recently with Hinkey Herkulean Hopper and Scrum-ptious but half tempted to bring back Quirky Kiwi NZ Pale. Any thoughts?!

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  1. Will says:

    Bit late for these now, but a silly Irish stout for St Patricks day or a dragon slaying double IPA for St George’s day. Definitely too late for this but maybe next year- a red ale for red nose day – including a donation to said cause.

  2. Will says:

    I did like the Quirky Kiwi. I missed the HHH and I keep missing scrumptious so can’t compare it to those but QK was so good I got quite a few bottles, only finished last one recently. There’s a good mousse on your bottled ales when they’re nicely aged!

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