Manic Monday

Thought it would be a relative straight forward one with not brewing today but the phone and email are red hot for sales and we’re not brewing because we’ve no empty fermenters and 4 that need emptying.

#FirstyFriday seemed to go really well but apologies to whoever got stuck in the brewery toilet!  Think the cold and damp had the door swollen up and wedged stuck, will get it sorted.  The rugby seemed to be a huge pull  and worked well on the wall…we’re going to look in to showing the rugby world cup games if we can work it round the brewig commitments.

The first outing for the BeerBoxBites brought a load of good feedback and working on a chocolate stout chilli on nachos for March.  We’ve had the wheel off the pizza oven and she’s is needing a fair bit of work doing to get her back on the road but hopefully can be sorted for April.

A lot of people asked me on Friday about the Kickstarter and that having backed us they were disappointed to see us not reach target.  We have got the bars now and some private funding has enabled us to get started but still a bit more to go.  I don’t know whether we’re just going to let it lie now or look i to a smaller funding amount to get everything underway.  You’ll no doubt hear from me soon when a decision is made.

We have taken our first booking for the pizza oven which is quite exciting and we’ve a couple of enquiries in about taking it to birthday parties.  We’ve also had a couple of enquiries about booking out the brewery bar for parties too – there won’t be a room charge for this – I’ve added an enquiry form to the web site here if you want to have a chat with us about it.

Brewing up some Odd Ball Red, Kooky Gold and March’s special, the Hinkey Herkulean Hopper this week once we’ve some fermenters free to fill!

That’s about it for now, hopefully get the beer and cheese night info up this week, time just ran out last week!

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