So what is BeerBoxBites by Offbeat Brewery?

For the last couple of years at #FirstyFriday we’ve been serving up amazing sausages from Brookside Porkers in Betley who’ve used our beers and seasonings to create some amazing sausages.  These are always going to continue on site, we love them and we know you do too!  But it has made us realise we could do so much more with food at the brewery – beer is a versatile ingredient for cooking with or pairing with food so BeerBoxBites is going to be our avenue to explore this.

As you’ve probably seen we’ve got a pizza oven (nicknamed Titanic after a disastrous first journey!) so there are plans to do wood fired pizzas at #FirstyFriday once the weather warms up, we’re working on a start date of April for this.  There’s also opportunities for us to to get this out on the road and we’ve just confirmed our first booking today at Middlewich Folk and Boat with the White Bear who often have our beers on the bar.  We’re waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so we are working on getting a fresh layer of fire cement on to Titanic to better insulate her and giving her a coat of paint.  There are plans for sour dough pizzas, ingredients marinated in beer and all sorts of crazy ideas.

In the mean time we’re working on the other side of BeerBoxBites, little consumables in boxes.  For February #FirstyFriday, just a few days away, we’re doing some Outlandish Pale Beer Battered Mozzarella Bites with a Sweet Chilli Dip, an Onion Bhaji and some chips in a little box for £3.  March is looking like an Off The Rails Chocolate Stout Chilli on Nachos.  Great food for enjoying and sharing while the band plays!

Please ask if you have any food allergies, there will be a full listing available on the night.

Hope that clears up that question!

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