Monday Musings

Last week finished with a load of positives – on the one hand we didn’t hit our optimistic Kickstarter goal but we got offered funding elsewhere to get the BeerBoxBites project up and running for April hopefully (a full exploration of what repairs Titanic needs is still to be conducted!).  In 18 minutes at the Licensing Board meeting we secured a full premises license subject to keeping the music so it can’t be heard from the houses on Brierley Street.  This shouldn’t be an issue except the bands are going to have to be kept indoors.

The #FirstyFriday refurbishments we’re really pleased with; the place looks brighter, bolder and more offbeat really.  We’ve still a long to do list to get everything tidied up, put away and all the beer lines cleaned but we hope you like the look of the place too.  When the new premises license kicks in on 2nd April we will be able to host private parties and we’re planning on doing some more events.  It will also mean that you’ll be able to call in and pick bottles or mini casks up at any time which we’re currently not allowed to do.

Speaking of events, our Beer and Cheese night is going ahead on Saturday 21st March – there will be more information about that going up this week.  You will be able to buy tickets directly from the brewery or online.

That’s about it for now, we’re brewing up more Scrum-ptious today, bottling and casking like crazy too.

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